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Spa Treatment Stones
Stone Mortar and Pestle


Join me for a unique healing experience like you've never had before. Using singing bowls, crystals and channelling shamanic healing I can guide you to release blockages to bring peace and calm.

I love calling in my guides and angels to assist me in the healings and my clients tell me they enjoy it too.

I will also give you a reading in your healing on where I found blocks and any other messages or information that wants to come through.


I use singing bowls to tune the energy centres in the body and intuitively use crystal to bring balance and harmony.

A session includes time at the start for you to tell me what you need and how you're feeling. You will then lay fully clothes on the comfortable massage table and I will begin your intuitive healing.

Tree Bathing

Tree Bathing, or Forest Bathing, is a calming, soothing way to receive stress and calm the nervous system. The concept was first developed in Japan by and is known as shinrin yoku.

The mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of connecting to Nature at a deeper level are vast. The experience of awe that leads to an appreciation of the natural world and therefore a desire to protect and nurture it is very powerful.


This is reciprocity and is part of our ecological ‘belonging’.


Join me in a guided walk through nature where you will listen to the receive the deep wisdom of  trees and receive their healing.

No experience required.

I will guide you the whole way.

Trees Reflection in the Water


The moment I met Brian I knew there was just something magic about him. His warm nature and contagious smile got me! Brian is a storyteller and when he shared with me his treasured stories in Swazi & then his links to shamanic healing I was instantly drawn to experience what he had to share. Brian has a way to just make you feel comfortable; while this may seem a unique and deep mode of healing, he has this ability to explain it in easy to digest language and simply put, just a way to surrender to whatever you need the session to be. He shares with passion about all of the incredible tools he uses and how he will gently heal and connect to whatever my body mind and soul needed. I walked out of his space feeling calm & at peace. Each time has been a new level of release and then clarity about what’s possible.

Joanne Panetta - Unravel Academy

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